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Nov. 27, 2017 CT Long Term Care Advisory Council.
Dec. 6, 2017

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End of Life Care in the US.
Oct. 31, 2017

Do you know someone who has received or is currently undergoing hospice care? How has that experience affected you, your friends, your family? 

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WTNH-TV Ch. 8 Mark Davis Report: Home health care in jeopardy because of state budget stalemate
Aug. 22, 2017

Home health care agencies around the state appear to be in jeopardy because of the continued state budget stalemate at the Capitol. Licensed Home health nursing care is designed to save the state money by keeping the chronically ill Medicaid population out of costly Emergency Rooms and Nursing Homes. The State’s home health industry saves the State budget $103-Million per year on average,a state budget savings that is in jeopardy as home health agencies begin to limit access, close their doors,and discharge Medicaid clients due to 10 years of inadequate reimbursement rates. 

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Connecticut’s Medicaid efficiency is at the providers’ expense 
The CT Mirror
July 27, 2017

If Connecticut residents are wondering what Connecticut’s “secret sauce” is to rank us tops in efficient Medicaid spending, it’s a combination of Inadequate and flat Medicaid reimbursement to home health providers, a State Plan Amendment cutting Medicaid behavioral home health nursing rates by 15 percent and other factors -- all at the suffering and demise of our Medicaid provider community. 

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Foolish to Cut Medicaid Providers that Save the State $100-Million Every Year

The Governor’s Executive Order calls for a 5-10% reimbursement cut to non-profits as well as eliminating “add-on” payments to Medicaid home health providers serving the State’s most vulnerable in our inner cities. 

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A. Press Items 2017

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Ch. 8 Report: Home Health Care in Jeopardy PDF (71.1 KB) Administration 8/24/2017
Patients Stuck In Hospital Beds Due To Cuts PDF (90.63 KB) Administration 8/24/2017
Home Health Care in Jeopardy Because of Budget PDF (115.98 KB) Administration 8/23/2017
Medicare PPS Proposed Rates - January 1, 2018 XLS (1.93 MB) Administration 8/23/2017
Cuts To Home Health Nursing to Destabilize PDF (97.88 KB) Administration 7/7/2017
Dan Haar Hospital Group Aims To Change Minds PDF (113.71 KB) Administration 7/7/2017
Hartford Operations Must Pay About 5.25M To Settle PDF (104.51 KB) Administration 7/7/2017
Physicians Thoughts on CT End of Life Care PDF (99.33 KB) Administration 7/7/2017

B. Press Items 2016

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Study Shift To Home Care Could Save CT 657M PDF (85.3 KB) Administration 7/7/2017
Most Home Health Care Agencies Providing Avera PDF (211.8 KB) Administration 7/7/2017

C. Press Items 2015

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
People Behind Budget Cuts Make Their Pitch PDF (333.23 KB) Administration 7/7/2017
Home Cares Smart Way To Deal With Aging Population PDF (106.15 KB) Administration 7/7/2017
Hartford Courant Opinion Malloy Mental Health PDF (79.04 KB) Administration 7/7/2017
CTs Healthcare Industry Preps For 247k Seniors PDF (185.94 KB) Administration 7/7/2017
Budget Cuts To Mental Health Moves Those Most PDF (92.73 KB) Administration 7/7/2017
Medicaid Cuts in Malloy Budget PDF (411.81 KB) Administration 5/8/2015
Home Care Spending Saves State Millions PDF (176.37 KB) Administration 5/8/2015
Malloy Mental Health Cuts Crippling PDF (174.56 KB) Administration 5/8/2015
Flublok Press Release PDF (290.53 KB) Administration 5/8/2015

D. Press Items 2014

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Gaming Hospice System Not Here PDF (103.45 KB) Administration 7/7/2017
New Web Site Release PDF (487.18 KB) Administration 5/8/2015
CT Healthcare at Home - New Board PDF (402.38 KB) Administration 5/8/2015
Reduced access for home health forecast in CT PDF (824.53 KB) Administration 5/8/2015
Annual Meeting Expo Announcement PDF (510.71 KB) Administration 5/8/2015
Florence Wald Conference PDF (743.8 KB) Administration 5/8/2015
Response to Hospice Article PDF (612.25 KB) Administration 5/8/2015
New Hires Release PDF (481.65 KB) Administration 5/8/2015
Joe Courtney Release PDF (481.09 KB) Administration 5/8/2015
Regional Hospice - Esty PDF (427.6 KB) Administration 5/8/2015

E. Press Items 2013

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Lawmakers push to expand telemedicine coverage PDF (59.83 KB) Administration 5/11/2015
NAHC Report Article on Brand Launch PDF (230.89 KB) Administration 5/11/2015
Association Annual Meeting Press Release PDF (641.71 KB) Administration 5/11/2015
Home Health Aides in Demand PDF (124.05 KB) Administration 5/11/2015
CT Health Care Costs Remain Stable PDF (173.69 KB) Administration 5/11/2015